• Sealock packs are created for use in outdoor sports and harsh environments such as swimming, swimming, sailing, sailing, canoeing, scuba diving, fishing, surfing, windsurfing, bicycle travel, motorcycle travel, waterfall, exploration, caving, energy exploration, military, desert, etc.


  • What's interesting about shenzhen? Mariner's general answer is: in the city you can go to the window of the world, happy valley, where the scenery and fun is there, put out money for tickets, just waiting for you to find, to see, to have fun.


  • Sealock is a large-scale waterproof bag manufacturer with ten years of production experience. It produces a wide range of waterproof bags, styles, good designs, good quality, and 100% waterproof. Sealock generally uses TPU and PVC materials, high-quality waterproof zippers or airtight zippers, and then uses high-frequency voltage to join the waterproof bag. The waterproof bag produced by sealock has the characteristics of no pinholes, no seams, and 100% waterproof.


  • When I went to white water rafting for a while, I saw the coach holding a waterproof backpack. There is a camera in the bag, food or something. After the waterproof zipper is closed, it is placed in the front cabin of the kayak, and then drifted into the quiet area of ​​the white water area, and then took out the camera from the waterproof bag to take pictures for everyone


  • Waterproof performance of waterproof backpacks: Some waterproof backpacks on the market have very poor performance. A little moisture or heavy rain will wet the contents of the bag, so when choosing a waterproof backpack, you must choose a bag with good waterproof performance. Of course, you can put on another rain cover.


  • There are a group of people who like to swim outdoors, run, and ride; there are also a group of people who like to carry a large backpack, hold a map in hand, or go hiking with their family, or hiking adventures to find a more exciting outdoor life, and this Every new chapter of travel will have a suitable outdoor backpack.