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Waterproof, is capricious -- train of thought guest 30L camouflage waterproof backpack evaluation report


Introduction: now on the market most of the waterproof fabric backpack, at best can prevent a small amount of rain, fog water or splashing water, and can not achieve a true completely waterproof. What is a true waterproof bag? What are the functions of waterproof backpack? Sealock's latest 30L camouflage off-road waterproof bag is one such versatile, durable, and super waterproof bag. The following super waterproof function will make you dumbfounded!

I. brand introduction
Sealock is the best of the pack. Sealock is a major manufacturer of water resistant bags with 10 years of experience in the production of a wide range of types, styles, design, quality, 100% water resistant bags. Sealock USES TPU and PVC materials, high quality waterproof zippers or air tight zippers, and USES high cycle voltage to join the bag. Sealock makes bags with no pinholes, no slits and 100% water resistance.

Ii. Product information
Name: Sealock camouflage cross-country waterproof backpacks
Specification: 30*22*70 (cm)
Material: TPU waterproof fabric
Capacity: 30 litres
Purpose: adventure, hiking, tourism, mountain climbing
Applicable to: the general public
Iii. Information of evaluators
Evaluator: big head
Product reviewed: Sealock 30L camouflage cross-country waterproof backpack
Assessment time: November 2015
City coordinates: Beijing
Iv. Product display
(I) overall appearance
1. The overall color of the backpack is green camouflage, which is splice with the nylon belt of army green, black mesh pocket and accessories, giving it a feeling of field troops.

2. The net weight of the backpack is 2.3kg. 

1. Comfortable non-slip handle. Different from the general webbing, durable, easy to carry and idle hanging; The buckles on both sides can also hang small objects. 

2. Brand Logo. The front striking brand Logo, simple and intuitive, highlighting the brand's unique outdoor, waterproof characteristics.

3. Front independent grid layer. Fashionable and simple appearance, easy to take and put; Mesh material, no water; Durable zipper design, pull and close smoothly, avoid the goods inside the slide; Front adjustable elastic cord, can mount light objects or place clothes. 

3. Front independent grid layer. Fashionable and simple appearance, easy to take and put; Mesh material, no water; Durable zipper design, pull and close smoothly, avoid the goods inside the slide; 4. Drawstring plug-in. Backpacks on both sides of the drawstring hanging, can be mounted alpenstock, ice pick and other items. 

5. Storage of kettle on the left. The storage space of the kettle is large, and the inner depth is 23cm. It can hold sundries such as kettle, umbrella and magazine. Net bag design, wear-resisting tear, high elasticity, no water; Simple and convenient to use, the size of the beam mouth can be adjusted. 

6. Right plug-in system. Side of the strong plug-in design, you can hang a variety of items, convenient to use. 

7. Shoulder strap suspension buckle. The buckle ring that is located in protect belt, the suspension that can make redundant shoulder belt is received not only, also can do common buckle ring to use.

8. Bottom air mouth design. Professional outdoor air mouth, can vent air blowing, a variety of use. 

9. Knapsack professional button. There is no zipper in the main bin of the knapsack, but it is secured by a rear-fold latch. Professional selection plug, even in the extremely harsh environment, will not break. 

10. High strength hand strap. High density nylon hand strap on the back, strong and durable, can be lifted or hung.

< o: p > < / o: p >

11. Shoulder strap design. The shoulder strap is widened and thickened, the back does not wear the shoulder; The arc design of shoulder belt, more agree with human body engineering. 

12. Shoulder strap adjustment system. Shoulder strap adjustment buckle, can be carried according to the comfort, put the shoulder strap, flexible adjustment to carry the height of the center of gravity. 

13. Chest band adjustment system. The chest band can slide and fix the band, slide up and down to adjust the best position; Chest strap adjustment buckle, according to the need to adjust the tightness of the chest strap.

Transfer the weight belt. Sponge waist cushion, cushion shock, reduce the pressure of the shoulder, so that the weight is well distributed throughout the body; Belt adjustment buckle, according to the need to adjust the belt, so that the backpack more fit the body. 

15. Carry a ventilation system. The honeycomb design of back, shoulder strap and waist cushion can accelerate the exhaust of hot gas and keep the back dry and comfortable. 

16. Internal computer compartment. Internal front zipper computer partition, can accommodate small laptop, PAD, etc., is not suitable for placing too large laptop; And there are small compartments in the compartment, convenient to place cell phones, keys, wallets and so on.

17. Internal zipper bin. Internal rear zipper bin for storing valuables. 

17. Internal zipper bin. 18. There is another layer of soft cloth with adhesive button on the zipper bin, which can be used to put the articles that are easy to wear. 

V. performance test
(1) waterproof test
1. Introduction of waterproof performance
Adopt professional TPU waterproof fabric, more reliable than nylon waterproof material. The fabric is specially treated with water sprinkling agent, and its surface can make the water drop form a round bead, and will not produce infiltration, diffusion and wet the bag, to achieve the water-proof function like lotus leaf.

The waterproof bag also has the characteristics of no pinhole and no seam. The outer fabric of the backpack adopts seamless joint technology, all of which are pasted and splicing, avoiding the water seepage problem of pinhole and seam of the general backpack, thus ensuring 100% waterproof effect. 

2. Waterproof test experiment
Experiment one: anti - splashing water experiment
According to the instructions, fold the package mouth down three times and buckle the button.

Use shower nozzle omni-directional do not have dead - end blunt cast. 

Experiment two: anti - soaking water experiment

Accomplished brief splash water is waterproof, still cannot call the waterproof on true sense, that comes a cruel, its all bubble is in water try. Due to the large buoyancy of the air in the bag, the bag is completely immersed in the water by means of air outlet and external force pressure. The role of water pressure, if there are small holes in the package, there will be water seepage. 

Results: the contents of the bag (magazine, toilet paper) were still dry after the above experiments.

(2) tear resistance and wear resistance test
1, tear resistance, wear resistance
The mechanical properties of TPU elastomer mainly include: hardness, tensile strength, compression performance, tear strength, resilience and wear resistance, flexion resistance, etc. In addition to these properties, the mechanical properties of TPU elastic plastics include high shear strength and impact work.
Therefore, the fabric has a good tear resistance function, do not worry about the backpack in the wild by sharp objects cut, thus more pressure and wear resistance.
2. Tear resistance and wear resistance test
Experiment 3: tear resistance experiment
After pulling test with a vice, it is in good condition.

Experiment 4: wear test experiment
After scraping the bag with scissors, it is still in good condition.

Experimental results: after the experiment of pulling and scraping, the fabric on the surface of the backpack was intact.
6. Experience evaluation
(1) outdoor assessment on snow days
This 30L capacity backpack is perfect for a day or two of short-haul light pack outdoor activities. The test day caught the snow, the temperature of -4 to -1 degrees Celsius. I chose one day light mountain climbing activity on mount hope.

Since backpacks have only one main bin, large items need to be stored in the main bin. My height is 170cm, the bag is mainly water, snacks and some small items, the total weight of 8 kg, feel relaxed. 

In order to match this camouflage backpack, deliberately chose a camouflage clothing. After adjusting the shoulder strap, chest strap and belt, the backpack will carry the weight evenly throughout the back. Certain bearing system can effectively relieve the muscle soreness caused by a long period of loading. 

External hanging alpenstock, kettle, small stereo, etc., will not fall off at will. 

Take off the clothing can be conveniently put into the outside of the adjustable elastic cord, simple and convenient. 

Even if there are sharp rocks and tangled branches while climbing, there is no need to worry about the backpack will be worn by the rocks, branches, etc. 

Even in the snow, waterproof backpacks are so capricious. Don't worry too much about snowflakes falling on your backpack. Even if the snow is changed into water after melting, it will also be like drops of water like lotus leaves rolling down, ensuring that the contents of the bag are still dry. Mountaineering, hiking activities relaxed. You can play with your backpack without worrying about water seepage. Roll in the snow without worrying about your backpack getting wet or dirty.

Unique camouflage color matching, different from the general outdoor backpack of solid color or color patterns, especially suitable for military feelings or military combat enthusiasts. Shuttle in the woods, a camouflage costume, stealth super good.

It was snowing heavily and the temperature was low. After a long period of outdoor activities, even after sweating, the bag's characteristic honeycombed ventilation design speeds up the exhaust of hot air. Especially in the cold winter, also can keep the back dry and comfortable. Moreover, the backpack also withstood the wind and snow from the back, there is a certain amount of warmth.

When you are tired of walking, take off your backpack and rest it on the ground without worrying that the bottom of your backpack will get wet.

Come across the crew that pats ancient costume movie, borrow bow-and-arrow prop to pose pats, be a bit of the feeling that passes through! Cool!

(2) ride assessment on sleet days
Sleet on the day of cycling test, temperature -2 to 1 degree Celsius. In order to prevent wind, rain and snow, wearing a suit of emergency clothing.

The outer hanging buckle and elastic cord can also hang the riding helmet on the outside of the bag. 

Since the backpack should be as light as possible when riding, the 30L backpack will not appear too large. 

There was a lot of water on the ground after the sleet. Even if you leave your backpack on the wet ground, you don't have to worry about getting wet. 

(3) floating evaluation

Some say Sealock makes lifesaving bags instead of waterproof bags. Why do you say that? Due to the waterproof characteristics of the backpack and unique air mouth design, the backpack can be transformed into a waterproof survival backpack, survival cylinder bag, survival bag, and so on. < o: p > < / o: p >

The temperature of the day was measured at -4 to 1 degree Celsius. After winter, the water was not completely frozen, and the backpack's floating function was measured at the place where there was a pool of water. 

When the bag is filled with air, the opening is rolled open to create a balloon-like sealed space. If you feel that the bag is not enough gas, you can also blow air through the air mouth, like a balloon, the backpack quickly expanded. I really want to give the following donkey with a line: "sister, come on, blow!" 

Put in the water, the backpack can float, forming a floating survival bag, buoyancy. There are also some winter swimmers who are interested in swimming here. They were the ones who helped bring up the backpack that had dropped the water. I felt very cold standing on the bank in my cotton-padded clothes, not to mention these winter swimming enthusiasts, swimming naked in this frozen river, really admire them. 

Just think, when you need to swim across the river in the outdoor water, you can put clothes, important items, etc., into the waterproof bag, in order to ensure that after landing dry clothes, important items do not soak in water. Even if there are other items in the bag, the backpack does not form a burden, and by blowing, it can also form an airbag float to help cross the river. Suddenly remembered bei ye in "wild", using a backpack to make floating objects across the river scene, is this principle. 

(iv) evaluation of extended functions
When I first got this bag, my first reaction was that this bag must be super waterproof. Since the outer layer can be completely waterproof and protect the inner dry, then reverse thinking, the inner layer must also be waterproof, water will not leak out. Due to my love of fishing, I was inspired to make a "fish library" in this bag. Add in a very unique nozzle design at the bottom, and the valve space is large enough after the nozzle is unscrewed, and the water can be completely discharged through the nozzle. Due to the winter, the conditions are limited, can only be done in the river to simulate the fishing site, in order to show the package's internal waterproof function.

Tighten the bottom air nozzle to prevent water from flowing out, and appropriate water on the packet memory. Put the fish in this homemade "fish bank." 

Package mouth place does not carry on roll fold, and buckle directly plug buckle, formed a natural skylight, no longer need to worry about "fish library" in the fish will die of oxygen. This ingenious design not only solves the closure problem, but also forms a relatively solid open space. 

The backpack weighs 11.4kg after loading water and fish, which makes it easy to carry. < o: p > < / o: p >

Fishing rods and other fishing gear can be directly plugged into the backpack, free hands. In this way, you can carry the "fish library" home, very labor-saving. Because the mouth of the backpack is high enough, the water in the bag will not spill out easily, even if there is a slight shake during the carrying process. If you are a self-driving car, you can also put the bag directly into the trunk. Put the water into the bottom of the bag, as well as the use of the bag outside the drawstring binding, can make the backpack stand more stable. 

When I got home, the water in my backpack didn't overflow. Twist the bottom air mouth open, the water will flow out naturally, also avoid the problem of splashing water around. 

As a rule of thumb, this 30L capacity backpack, about 30 kg of fish is not a problem. In addition, in the river evaluation, came across a few wandering to fish uncle. They saw my waterproof bag at the first sight and kept asking me where I bought it and how to use it... We all feel that the package fish is very good, the size is suitable, and the camouflage color is loved by fishing enthusiasts, even in the fishing pond on the muddy ground, the bag is also very resistant to dirt. Seven,
1. High-quality TPU waterproof fabric with advanced technology, wear-resisting and durable, super waterproof.
2, with a certain bearing system, suitable for tourism, outdoor crossing, mountaineering, adventure, water sports, waterfall, hole exploration and other activities, a wide range of applications.
3. It can be used as floating objects and airbags in bad environment to avoid accidents and protect important items and personal safety