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The captain is carrying a waterproof bag

At the 9th China cup, a large size Sealock in yellow, pink or blue is popular among seamen.

I don't believe you

Haha, this product is Sealock, the designated waterproof bag for the 9th China cup.
Founded in 2001, Sealock has been focusing on the development, design and improvement of waterproof bag products for 15 years.

Fifteen years of focus has allowed Sealock to bring together the best designers, engineers, and craftsmen to create durable, practical, and one-of-a-kind products.

Sealock has created a series of waterproof packages for outdoor sports and harsh environments such as swimming, swimming, sailing, sailing, canoeing, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, windsurfing, cycling, motorcycle travel, falls, exploration, caves, energy exploration, military, desert, etc. The product line covers basic waterproof bag, waterproof backpack, waterproof rescue bag, lightweight waterproof bag, waterproof shoulder bag, waterproof Fanny pack, waterproof travel bag, fishing bag, bicycle bag, motorcycle bag, military waterproof bag and so on.

In all kinds of outdoor activities and assignments, Sealock waterproof bag can protect property, clothing and equipment from moisture, water droplets and waves, rain, wind, Sealock airtight waterproof bag can wading in users in distress ACTS as the function of the life buoy, carefree in the outdoor enthusiasts in the activity, with more freedom to close to nature, enjoy outdoor.

For more than 15 years, Sealock has been providing solutions and technical assistance to sailing clubs, sailing fleets, rescue teams, exploration teams, expeditions, armies, motorcycle brands and other organizations around the world.

Sealock's booth was also one of the most popular spots at the 9th China cup, where professional waterproofing not only attracted foreign players to shop, but also attracted many spectators with its bright colors and practical features.
On-site inspection of waterproof performance, ha ha, bang bang!!