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Guest waterproof bag

"Sile outdoor (Hong Kong) co., LTD." was founded in 2001, formerly known as shenzhen million rich grand outdoor products co., LTD., with "dongguan million rich outdoor products co., LTD." has production plants, mainly ShengChanHu external use waterproof series products of the company, its main products are, air tightness and waterproof bag, waterproof bag, mobile phone waterproof bag, waterproof camera bag, all kinds of waterproof hiking backpack, yacht, traveling, camping, special waterproof bag, speleology adventure bag, beach waterproof bag, etc., products applicable to the high-end accessories, Iphone, covering military, maritime rescue and caves Fire and other military and civilian products.

Product appearance profile:

Waterproofing test:

Outdoor assessment:
Evaluation location: huashan, shaanxi
Assessment time: December 4-6, 2015
Last week to climb the mountains with friends one of huashan, starting from yuquan court, via the "change of stone", "thousand feet building", "hundred feet gorge" and "old gentleman furrow" to the north, from north to south, the "clean ear cliff", "black dragon ridge", in the eastern peak up close by the north center night accommodation, climb to 2000 m in a row, the first day foot eight hours, the second day south east peak xifeng in via outsmarted his huashan road down the hill, two days accumulated 25 kilometers on foot, walking about 16 hours, completed my trip to huashan, during this idea guest waterproof backpack stayed with I walked, all the huashan is the most dangerous in the mountains, Known as "the most dangerous mountain in the world".

There are some things prepared for this trip to huashan mountain, among which the clothes and shoes are not shown in the picture. In the actual climbing process, the items in the backpack are more than those in the picture. The 30L backpack can still hold things very well.

Backpack for daily use: