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Sealock for a cool summer!


We come from nature, perhaps, in everyone's heart, there is a desire to go into nature. Hiking the creek outdoors is an adventure that puts you through some dangerous challenges while ensuring everyone returns safely. The process is full of fun and excitement. As someone who loves the outdoors, are you ready for anything?

Follow the stream sometimes have to swim in the deep pool canyon crossing, backpack launching is a common thing, to make the things in the backpack to achieve waterproof effect, with the backpack rainproof cover is not enough, so choose a good waterproof backpack is necessary. Designed for following streams, the sealock/sealock B0530 lightweight waterproof backpack can carry a lot of things, free your hands and maintain your balance, allowing you to travel safely and comfortably.
The backpack is made of 420D TPU waterproof fabric, which is made of light material and adopts seamless waterproofing technology. It is highly effective in waterproofing and tear resistance, as well as wear-resisting and compressive resistance. Folding clasp seal, good water resistance, easy to use, simple and fashionable appearance. The capacity of 30L is only 996g, which can accommodate the travelling equipment and personal belongings such as running shoes, leg protection, helmet, climbing rope and so on, which are needed to follow the stream.

Suspension breathable shock bearing system, anti-slip breathable s-type shoulder strap, breathable and comfortable, ergonomic, balanced support of the entire backpack, the weight is reasonably distributed to each part of the body, to avoid weight concentration in the shoulder. Widened and thickened belt design, the close-fitting effect can effectively provide weight adjustment, to increase the balance and security when the action, so that the burden in the journey more relaxed and energy saving, long back not tired. The shoulder strap plug-in system can hang small objects such as key rings, kettles and other small objects.

Up and down movement adjustment chest button, the use of strong quality wear-resisting button, convenient and durable, can be adjusted according to the height and weight of the individual, make the body and bag more fit, effectively slow down when climbing, walking shaking, more relaxed. Unique safety reflective strip design, when the light will reflect a striking light, so that the safety of night travel greatly improved.

Double side bag design, can easily place the mobile phone, keys and other small items, the use of waterproof zipper, can effectively prevent water and rain.

Unique air mouth design, can be manually inflated. When you're wading through the water, the backpack fills up with air, increasing its buoyancy in the water so you can hold it in case of an emergency. When climbing and walking, use the air mouth to release the excess air in the bag, which can effectively avoid the friction and bump between the backpack and obstacles.

Sometimes climb, sometimes explore the valley, sometimes wading, it is best to have a topographical map before the trip, with good equipment, the interest of like-minded mountain friends to form a team, with the stream, and enjoy!

Through it, sealock offers you the thrill of backtracking, the mystery of exploring the valley, and the fun of wading the creek!