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Fully airtight automatic inflation rescue kit


Sealock/thinke T04201 is a multi-functional waterproof bag for diving, swimming, rafting and other water sports with unique design and water resistance up to IPx8.

Qualitative interpretation

The T04201 barrel bag is made of 210D double-sided TPU environmental protection material, which is light, light and cold resistant. At first, we were worried that it could not withstand the scraping of branches and rocks, but after field testing, we found that it is very strong and durable, which is crucial for an outdoor waterproof bag.
The shoulder belt adopts high-density safety nylon webbing, strong tension, high tear, strong and durable, with a shiny feel. The close-fitting waistband design can be used to fix the bag when carrying, so that the bag is close to the body, preventing the bag from rocking left and right, making it easier to carry.

The shoulder strap can be disassembled freely, the length can be adjusted at will, flexible change, with the belt can be expanded into swimming bag, with the shoulder strap at both ends hanging buckle and belt connection, the belt and bag between the shoulder strap double safety, do not worry about the swimming bag off.

Waterproof structure

The bag mouth adopts patented all-air-tight waterproof zipper, which is fully waterproof and can be immersed in water. The waterproof grade is up to IPx8, and the waterproof depth can be 20 meters.

The joint of the bag adopts the high-cycle seamless combination technology, which directly melts the seams of all the pieces of cloth, making the bag seamless combination, durable, with high waterproof, sandproof and dustproof functions.

Design of the gas

The all-metal vent can be filled with air, which can be filled with air by artificial or air filling pump, ensuring the use of air bags to protect important items and personal safety in various outdoor water sports. Air can also be quickly discharged through the air mouth, easy to save space.

Automatic inflation device

New automatic charging device, the water emergency cases, pull the rope, the inside of the gas storage cylinder mouth will prick pricker, releasing the gas storage of compressed gas in a cylinder, quickly will bag filled with gas, hold bags can let a person waiting for rescue floating on the surface of the water to alleviate fatigue, so as to have the effect of emergency rescue, let you of the outdoor travel safer, rest assured! (note: gas storage cylinders are disposable consumables. Please remove the cylinders when storing the bags.)

Details of the interpretation

The buckle used in the bag adopts UTX buckle, which is strong and durable, and can withstand 20,000 times of repeated use after repeated tests. The force of the use of increased area and jujube processing, strong and firm, greatly increased the service life of the bag.

Capacity test

The bag has the capacity of 25L and the width of the bag is 29.5cm. It can hold diving equipment (a pair of flippers, one snorkeling cover, two thin bath towels, two towels, two sets of thin summer clothes, a small set of washing and nursing supplies, slippers and other small items).