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Meet you for the Asia outdoor exhibition

The 12th Asia outdoor exhibition is about to take off again at the nanjing international expo center. What are some of sealock's surprises?

Gelivable products, invite you to experience

At this Asia outdoor show, sealock products will all be on display. Sealock waterproof bucket bag, diving bag, lightweight waterproof bag, fishing bag, waterproof backpack, waterproof purse, bag... Sealock products cover everything from everyday life to the outdoors, and at sealock booth, you can always find the right equipment for you.

Sealock/T05, T08 series waterproof bucket bag, adopt 500DPVC mesh fabric material, waterproof performance is superior, whether it is rafting, swimming, snorkeling, river tracing, can easily deal with, diversified design, rich color choice, make your outdoor trip more outstanding.

B0320 amphibious waterproof mountaineering bag, meet amphibious, thick waterproof material, wear resistance is strong, omnipotent waterproof, close-fitting light, let the storm to a few more violent.

B0620 TPU waterproof mountaineering bag, light and wear-resistant. Seamless process, waterproof and tear resistant. Waterproof zipper can effectively block the invasion of rain.

B1345 breathable, comfortable and waterproof mountaineering bag, using nylon TPU coating waterproof fabric, light, wear-resistant, waterproof. Floating breathable support shoulder, dry breathable, shoulder more relaxed and labor-saving. Adopt waterproof zipper, sudden bad weather also can solve elegantly.

B1225/B1625 diving series backpacks are made of cationic TPU composite waterproof fabric, which is highly efficient and waterproof, and has strong cold resistance. Stylish exterior design, bright color, best choice for everyday use and outdoors.

More professional products will be available at the nanjing Asia outdoor exhibition from June 29 to July 2, 2017. Sealock is looking forward to meeting you and going outdoors!