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Introduction of waterproof bag

Waterproof bags or waterproof bags are indispensable equipment when traveling outdoors, which can ensure that items will not get wet when rainy days are encountered. Even waterproofing, rafting, surfing, and crossing activities, some waterproof bags are suitable. in use. So, how to choose a waterproof bag, what should you pay attention to in the process of choosing a waterproof bag?
1. The main function of the waterproof bag is waterproof. There are some waterproof bags on the market today. The performance of the waterproof bag is very poor. A little moisture or heavy rain will wet everything in the bag, so be sure to choose a waterproof bag. Choose a bag with good waterproof performance, of course, you can put another layer of rain cover.
2. Anti-scratch function of waterproof bag When choosing a waterproof bag, you must choose a waterproof bag that is scratch-resistant and moth-proof; when walking outdoors, it will inevitably go to a wooded place, and it will definitely be caught by a weed branch. Things, or carry a bag against the wall and tree poles to rest while resting. If the quality of the waterproof bag is not good and it is easy to break, then you cannot keep the things intact in your journey.
3. Tear-resistant performance of waterproof bag When choosing a waterproof bag, be sure to choose a tear-resistant waterproof bag; when traveling outdoors, we will definitely put some tents, cookers, etc. in the backpack, so if you The quality of the bag you bought is not good. If you pack it halfway, you tear it too hard, or during walking, as the body shakes, the bag cannot bear the important tear of the bag.