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The specification of the waterproof bag

1: General waterproof bag: the general waterproof idea is to sew the waterproof cloth with needle and thread process, and then fit it with waterproof adhesive strip to prevent water from entering the needle and thread hole.

2: Professional waterproof bag: there are two types of professional waterproofing:
A: In terms of technology and materials, the highest requirement is the waterproof level. This kind of waterproof bag is mostly used for outdoor rafting. The materials are mainly 500d-1000d net clamping or TPU composite materials. The process uses high-frequency voltage hot melting to make the two materials seamlessly dissolve. It is reinforced with transparent material with a transparent and smooth opening of about 15cm, with three folds on the outside and three folds on the inside. Only in this way can it be truly waterproof, (it can be used as a lifebuoy after inflation).

B: Diving grade waterproof bag: there is a waterproof bag used in telephone or camera on the market, which can be waterproof below 10 meters deep, and the waterproof degree of waterproof clip can reach the depth of 10-20 meters underwater.

2 Waterproof bag refers to the waterproof lining used on ski gloves, which is generally made of waterproof and breathable materials such as TPU or hipora.