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Sealock waterproof lunch Cooler bag from Vietnam Producer


A waterproof lunch cooler bag is a type of insulated bag designed to keep food and beverages cool while also providing protection against water and moisture. These bags are commonly used to carry lunches, snacks, or drinks for outdoor activities, picnics, work, school, or travel. The waterproof feature helps to keep the contents dry, even if the bag comes into contact with water or if condensation forms inside.

Key features of a waterproof lunch cooler bag may include:

Waterproof Material: The bag is typically made from waterproof or water-resistant materials, such as PVC-coated fabric, nylon with water-resistant coatings, or specially treated materials that repel water.

Insulation: The bag has insulated lining or layers that help maintain the internal temperature and keep the contents cool for an extended period.

Sealed Seams: The seams of the bag are often heat-sealed or waterproof taped to prevent water from seeping through the stitching.

Leak-Proof Design: The bag may have leak-proof compartments or containers for storing liquids, preventing spills and leaks inside the bag.

We used this waterproof lunch cooler bag for hiking and loved how comfortable it was to slip over our shoulders and carry. The exterior is made of a 600-denier polyester shell that’s waterproof. The zipper is completely watertight with welded seams, so leaking isn’t on the menu .

The soft dry cooler bag did well on a weekend road trip to climb and camp out, but wouldn’t be able to retain ice for longer durations. Our ice retention test corroborated that experience, showing the cooler is capable of holding ice for nearly 2.5 days.

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