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Sealock Outdoor Floating Swim Surfing waterproof Bag

Sealock outdoor floating swim surfing waterproof bag is your sports companion.

Protecting your valuables is a key element of outdoor water adventures. That's why we've designed this drying bag to keep your items dry, clean, safe, and protect them from rain, snow, sand, dust, and dirt, ensuring you have a worry-free outdoor experience. The unique ergonomic design of this bag allows you to wear it effortlessly.The mid-sized 20-liter bag is large enough to carry everything you need for a day trip without being bulky. It works for small and medium-sized items you want to protect: cell phones, cameras, clothes, towels, toiletries, and shoes. Its waterproof, lightweight, compact and durable features make it an essential part of outdoor gear kits! Waterproof bag with high quality 500D wear-resistant PVC; The joint adopts hot melt; The edge seal design is adopted, and the protection level is up to IPX6. Durable and wear-resistant bags can effectively prevent liquids and dust from entering, so that your equipment will stay dry when used outdoors.Roll-top seal and single reinforcement strap design ensure water does not get wet. Just fold the bag down 3-4 times, buckle your seat belt, and you're ready to go.The waterproof bag has excellent waterproof protection and functions, which is very suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, mountaineering, cycling and water sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking, floating, surfing and fishing, and is the perfect choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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